Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Car Review: 2015 Jaguar F-Type

Looking for a luxurious convertible, that has lots of power and is good on gas? Jaguar’s F-Type convertible just may be the car for you… if you have $86,000 to spend.

What I really like about this vehicle is how much you can fit in the trunk (ex: a full week of groceries or 2 day and 2 overnight bags), the additional room behind each seat to place my purse, the blind-spot monitoring side mirrors that allows you to see when a car is near – it literally eliminates any blind-spots, the backing-up parking aid monitor (no excuses for dings anymore!), how it handles at high and low speeds – it just hugs the road, easy steering, nice firm and quick reacting brakes, how little gas it burns with the Eco mode turned on (this was shocking to me considering it is a V6), the option to keep the spoiler down or put it up, how the door handles open up for you when you unlock the doors (no need for chivalry!), and of course all the stares and “nice car” comments that came my way! In my opinion nobody builds a luxurious vehicle like Jaguar, it’s more than just a car it’s a piece of art. Toronto also isn’t flooded with Jags – so be prepared to stick out… not a bad thing at all!

What I didn’t like… for a long drive – say from Toronto to Price Edward County – even though it burns little gas on Eco mode, the leather-suede mix seats are quite uncomfortable. No matter how much I adjusted it, it didn’t seem to matter. My other complaint… the engine doesn’t purr as much as the XKR convertible, I really missed that! So, in conclusion, the F-Type convertible is a great, fast, fun car but if you have a good chunk of money to spend, personally - I would choose the XKR convertible!

Amanda Risser, New Car Blogger


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