Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rolling Through Toronto in the 2016 Land Rover L4

Do you have pets or kids? Live an active lifestyle? If you answered yes to one, or all three, AND have about $81,000 to shell out on a new vehicle, I highly recommend the Land Rover L4 HSE.

The 2016 Land Rover L4 is the most rugged, luxurious SUV that I know of. You have to slam the doors to get them to shut properly, the center console contains a lot of plastic and stiff buttons, the steering wheel is a mix of leather and plastic, and the leather seats/interior trim are of a lesser quality than your typical Range Rover – in fact, I questioned whether they were real leather at first – but, drive it for a week and I guarantee this vehicle will win you over.

Of all the SUVs I have driven this year, the Land Rover burned through the most gas. It has an Eco Mode, but I still found the gas gauge tumbled quickly with city driving. One thing you need to be aware of at all times, is that this vehicle is quite tall. However, it does have a button to bring down the height, which you will need to do before entering many parking garages in Toronto. In fact, in my building, at its lowest height, the antenna scraped the beam in my spot. I had to be mindful of how close I parked to the wall.

Why is it great for kids and pets? The easy-clean leather seats, the plastic trims, the ample storage space, and of course the fact that it seats 7-passengers comfortably. Everywhere you look there’s a place to stash stuff! Above the glove compartment there is a second pull down drawer that contains a USB and headphone jack, the mid partition between the driver and passenger has two storage spaces, the immediate backseat includes built in plastic bins on each side, and the two back rows fold down for ample trunk room.

It’s comfortable to drive, and because you are propped up so high, you can see everything. The 3.0L, V6 engine, gives you all the guts you need, and then some, with 340 HP. There’s tons of features to meet your comfort needs; including heated seats (front row and immediate back row), heated steering wheel, and a heat/fan control for the second row passengers. And, of course, all the latest tech and safety options.

I was most impressed to discover that the 2016 Land Rover L4 comes with not one, not two, but THREE sunroofs! Each row gets their own, complete with a manual shade. Sadly, the sunroof above the driver is the only one that opens.

This vehicle is definitely a different level of luxury, after all, it is a Land Rover… Range Rover’s roughed up brother.

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