Monday, March 14, 2016

Behind the Wheel of the 2016 Lincoln MKC

One week the Lincoln MKX, the next the MKC… I can honestly say there really isn’t much of a difference between the two aside from the size. The MKC is the mini version of the MKX, and for about $50,000, it’s almost a steal!

Closely compared to the Mazda CX-5 in size, that you can get for about $40,000 fully loaded, you’d be crazy not to go with the Lincoln. Better performance, nicer interior, a hell of a lot more bells and whistles, and all the little luxuries for about $10,000 more. Yes please!

What really blew my mind about this vehicle was the interior. The model that I test drove came with cream coloured leather seats, cream coloured leather side trim/glove compartment, and black leather stitched dash and steering wheel. Top that all off with REAL wood side panel inserts. Wow, what a beautiful, classic look. It really took my breath away the first time I opened the door. There’s nothing that turns me off more than when a car manufacturer adds in the faux wood panel, you know what I’m talking about it. I hate it, it screams cheap and old! Lincoln really got this right, incorporating real wood into the look, combined with a cream coloured leather, it’s truly something to see.
You still get the full size panoramic moon roof, power lift gate, push-button shift panel next to the navigation system, etc. The only thing that I think may have been missing was the push-button to the right of the navigation to open the glove compartment. You have to open it the same way as most traditional vehicles.

Luxury, performance, affordability – this vehicle checked off all the boxes for me! It does look a little dinky next to the MKX, but if you don’t mind the compact size, I’d buy it!

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  1. The car is absolutely stunning! I love the room that it looks like it has on the inside. The technical features look like they are a bit hard to master, but other than that, it's the epitome of comfort from what the pictures show of the seats and even the exterior.