Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lincoln's 2016 MKX Appeals to a "Hipper", "Younger" Demographic

Lincoln is now “hip”, “cool”, and “young” – who knew?? Sure as heck not me! Maybe that’s why Matthew McConaughey was chosen as the perfect face for their overplayed commercials.

I must say, I was thoroughly impressed by the 2016 Lincoln MKX, from the moment I laid eyes on her.  The body is very sleek and aerodynamic, its compact size makes it more of a CUV than an SUV. If you like driving fast, you’ll LOVE this vehicle! Its 2.7L, V6 Eco-Boost engine puts out 335 HP – and let me tell you, it packs a mean punch! Put the pedal to the metal and watch what she can do! It’s also equipped with a 6-speed paddle shifter. No problems weaving through traffic at high speeds. Its Eco-Boost engine gives you 14.1 L/100 KM city and 9.7 L/100 KM hwy.

What REALLY impressed me about the MKX that I haven’t seen on any other vehicle, is how you move it from park to drive, or reverse. Older, and some new vehicles, have a joy stick to do this, but most new vehicles now have a dial in its place. Lincoln, on the other hand, has created a push-button transmission. I believe it is exclusive to this model. What do I mean by “push-button”? After you push start the engine, you’re going to then push “D” to put it in drive, which is located on the left hand side of the navigation screen. Yup, way up there! So to go from drive to park, to reverse, etc., you will need to push a button with the letter “P” or “R” or “D”, etc. Pretty cool, huh? I thought so! By the way, the navigation screen is touchscreen only. To open the glove compartment you also press another button on the right side of the navigation screen.

I do have one bone to pick with this vehicle. The 360 camera and parking aid alert reminded me a bit of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Any time I was an arm’s length away from another vehicle or object, it would start beeping like crazy as though I was about to hit it. It happened when I was parking and even while driving on a 4-lane highway. Very annoying and misleading. It’s not a difficult vehicle to park in tight spaces, there’s great visibility and it’s not all that large in size.

In terms of luxury, it has pretty much everything to satisfy any driver and its passengers. Heated seats (front and back), beautiful perforated leather seats with the most comfortable head rests ever, all interior surfaces are padded with premium stitched leather, full length moon roof, lit exterior door handles, fob controlled power liftgate, posted speed limit on the speedometer, and both driver and passenger side mirrors fold in when you lock the vehicle.

What’s it lacking? Heated steering wheel and massage seats. What??! The Evoque has both and more! Back seat is a 40/60 split, there’s a button in the trunk you can push to lay each side down, but you have to bring them back up again manually, and they’re quite heavy.

The 2016 Lincoln MKX has a lot of really cool features and a high quality interior. For about $67,000 it’s a strong contender in the luxury CUV class.

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