Monday, April 11, 2016

Nissan's Full-Size Sports Car

I’ve just dropped off the 2016 Nissan Maxima Platinum after a week of pure joy riding, and I think I left my jaw behind in the parking lot.
From the moment I laid eyes on this vehicle I was in love. The exterior is quite attractive, very curvy, very sexy. It really draws you in; it’s not what you’d expect to see from Nissan. Jaguar-yes, Nissan-no way.

The Maxima is a full-sized (4 door), luxurious sports car. I’ve never felt so much pick up from 300 hp. When you press the gas pedal this vehicle goes from 0 to fast, FAST! I find Jaguars purr when you accelerate hard, well the Maxima-it growls! This car sounds mean, but it handles so nice, like a coupe, in the city and on the highway. Switch from normal to sport mode to tighten up the steering, and weaving your way through vehicles is not a problem. Don’t let its V6 engine trick you into thinking it’s a gas guzzler, far from it. According to Nissan it gets 10.9 city and 7.8 highway; I found it was bang on.

Of course, much of what I write about is the luxuriousness of a vehicle, which for me, mostly comes from the interior. So let’s get to it. Again, when I first opened the door of the 2016 Nissan Maximum Platinum I was all smiles, enamored if you will. I thought to myself, “well done Nissan!” The front seats sit low, the driver and passenger sink into this vehicle like the cockpit of a racecar. High quality, black stitched leather quilted seats, leather stitched side paneling and dashboard, push start engine, sporty leather wrapped steering wheel, and a full-size panorama moonroof, that retreats from both sides simultaneously. Pure luxury. Sure, they used their signature faux wood trim that I despise, BUT they used less of it and changed the look to a more matte finish-I approve! I was disappointed to see the traditional drive stick, as opposed to the more modern dial in most new vehicles, but for this vehicle it made sense. It added to its sporty feel and look. 

If you’re in the market for a sports car take the 2016 Nissan Maxima Platinum for a test drive. It has all the same safety features and technology as most high-end vehicles. For around $45,000 all-in you can’t go wrong; treat yourself, you deserve a little luxury in life!

Luxury, New Car Blogger - Amanda Risser

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  1. The last time I owned a new car I was still in high school. I went down last month to try and see if I qualified for a low interest new car. The dealer was especially nice, the time there was very short, and we worked out a deal so that I could drive out of there the same day with my brand new truck. I love buying from local companies.

    Christopher @ Subaru Of Bend